Emission-free Solar Boat

There is more to having a solar boat operating as efficiently as possible than the sole generation of solar energy. Hence, the boat has to utilize the generated energy as efficiently as possible: a matter of hydrodynamics. CIG Renewables developed a hydrodynamically optimised solar boat which sails entirely emission-free.
Detailed information of our solar ships you will get here: FS 1850 and FS 25120

Solar-powered cruise boat

The solar-powered cruise boat CIG developed gives passengers a sense of gliding over the water. It is noiseless as it relies entirely on the solar-powered electrical motor. This also makes the solar boat suitable for cruises in nature reserves. The design allows for the height of bridges, water depth and the width of waterways, generally experienced by cruise boats in their operating waters.

Smart use of hydrodynamics

The solar-powered boat can fully rely on the sun because of its efficient, hydrodynamic design. This results in a boat that uses less energy than other (semi) solar-powered boats and does away with the need for a standby diesel engine. An economical and environmentally-friendly transportation modus is invented.

Be inspired by our emission-free solar boat

More information about our hydrodynamically optimised solar-powered boat? CIG is pleased to tell you about the options for your sustainable project. Be inspired by our projects and contact us at or +49 3831 2752 0 .