Hydropower Components

Hydropower is a source of energy that is to date undervalued. However, many early stage experimental projects of our partners have by now been successfully completed, and we surely see that demand for industrialisation is increasing. Together with our partners we are devoting our expertise in the area of 3D formed metal components and hydrodynamics to this industry of the future.

Turbines, housing and supporting structures

With over 40 years of experience in 3D metal forming for the shipbuilding sector and our expertise in welding according to the highest industry quality standards, CIG manufactures metal parts for hydropower plants with the highest possible precision. This includes turbines, housings for the supporting structures and also many other free form metal components. In partnership with engineers, business developers and supply chain specialists we develop components, yielding the best possible flow characteristics in order to deliver the highest hydropower efficiency.

Be inspired by our hydropower components

More information about our components for the generation of hydropower? CIG is pleased to tell you about the options for your hydropower project. Be inspired by our projects and contact us at or +49 3831 2752 0 .