Steel & Aluminium Forming

All steel and aluminium parts are cold formed by shipbuilding presses. Bulb profiles are formed with a machine that we have developed specifically for that purpose. This approach prevents the material from deforming, and ensures that we are able to form with great precision. Forming the parts so accurately speeds up assembly, shortens the welding and painting time and reduces the amount of filler required. This way a shipyard saves a lot of time and materials during assembly.

The correct production of a ship's hull relies strongly on precision cutting and the precision of the formed parts. CIG’s Centraalstaal highly qualified professionals are able to form the cut plates with the greatest precision, both 2D and 3D. The combination of this craftsmanship and structural quality control guarantees shell plating and frames that fit perfectly without the need of green (excess) on the parts.

Delivered ‘just in time’

Our modern production method carries another benefit. CIG Centraalstaal can deliver the building kits ready for assembly and in any order on 40 ft container-compatible transport pallets. This combination of economically produced, precisely formed ship's sections and 'just in time' delivery has already convinced many shipyards and others in the shipbuilding sector of our added value.

Be inspired by our steel & aluminium forming

More information about steel and aluminium forming? CIG Centraalstaal will be pleased to tell you about the options for your shipbuilding project. Contact us at  or +31 (0)50 575 39 95.