Steel & Aluminium Cutting

To provide you with top quality at all times CIG Centraalstaal and CIG Ostseestaal invest continuously in modern, high definition plasma cutting technologies for steel and aluminium. All plates are automatically numbered, marked with construction lines and bevelled. The parts are automatically nested to ensure that the materials are used as efficiently as possible and we use fully automated cutting lines wherever possible.

High quality, big savings in materials

CIG Centraalstaal stands for quality and therefore works in accordance with strict quality standards such as ISO 9001:2000. The fact that our professionals work with advanced cutting technologies and software means that we can cut with great precision and save materials. That serves to reduce handling and assembly costs. Our factories have a large capacity, ensuring that you can count on first lead times in virtually all cases.

Be inspired by our steel & aluminium cutting

More information about our solutions? CIG will be pleased to tell you about the options. Be inspired by our projects or contact us at  or +31 (0)50 575 39 95.