Ballastwater Treatment System

Since 2002 CIG-Piping Technology is familiar with Ballastwater Treatment Systems. As cooperation Partner we developed key compontents for a system and added value by optimising design and skid construction during the years. In 2013 we installed the first System as Retrofit and today we  are able to offer all major activities related to a BWTS-Retrofit and Installation on board of a vessel.

CIG Piping Technology will carry out the job acc. to contracts - on schedule, safe and complete, to the full satisfiction of the customers.


Retrofit as complete solution:

- Onboard inspection and feasability study
- 3 D scan, if required
- Design and class documents / approval
- Preparation work, Projekt Management
          - Pipe spool prefabrication
          - Skid and Frame constructions
- Instalation on board
          - Equipment and piping
          - Electric wiring and connections
- Commissiong in cooperation with the System Maker
- Complete Documentation

Partial Deliveries for BWTS installations:

Prefabricated Pipe spools acc. to drawings
- Skid construction, complete and tested
- Installation on board incl. electric wiring and connetions
- Design and class approvals
- Supervision of the Installation works

Projects - Examples

Installation BWTS
Installation BWTS
Skid construction
Skid construction

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