Pipe Spool Fabrication

CIG Piping Technology offers a strong and powerful Workshop for the prefabrication of pipe spools according to isometric drawings. We are able to deliver big quantities on a regular base. Materials are carbon steel, stainless steel and copper-nickel. Based on modern production technologies, NC-machinery for cutting and beveling, pipe-bending, branching and flanging CIG Piping Technology offer competitive products.

Optimal Organisation

The organizational structure of CIG Piping Technology is optimized for processing big quantities of pipe spools for our customers. Different data formats can be handled and we can follow various specifications tailored to the customer needs. Experienced personnel are prepared to execute the orders in a fast way and will clarify details seriously but in a in hands on manner. A stable and strong network of qualified partners and suppliers enables us to act flexible and quickly and to delivery times

Modern Machinery

Due to state of the art machinery we produce stable quality, minimize production time and offer competitive prices.

  • NC-Bending machien for outer diameters up to 6 (168,3mm)
  • NC-Plasma cutting machine for outer diameters up to 40 (1016mm)
  • Branching and flanching machine (T-Drill) for diameters uo tp 6 (168,3mm)


CIG Piping Technology is working according to a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 and we run well established and approved processes. A wide range of in house ND testing facilities and the cooperation with an independent testing company stands for top products.

Be inspired by our pipe spool fabrication

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