Piping Systems & Components

CIG Piping Technology offers Piping Systems for the Shipbuilding industry, Offshore - Oil & Gas and other industries. We supply demanding high quality products made of a big variety of materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, Duplex, Aluminum, Copper, Copper-Nickel, Titanium and GRE. Based on modern production technologies, NC-machinery for cutting, bending and branching CIG Piping Technology is able to supply a competitive product. Design, strength calculations and installation of our products can be offered as well.



Our Products

Reliable partner for piping systems and components

CIG Piping Technology offers different services around the fabrication of piping systems and associated components.

Pipespool Fabrication

The company is organized to supply big quantities of pipe spools according to isometric drawings of our customers. Different types of design formats can be processed and a big variety of standards can be executed. The complete process is arranged based on a strong network of suppliers and partners to meet quality and just in time delivery on a regular base – over years

Modules, Pressure Vessels, Manifolds

Tailor made functional skid mounted modules, pressure vessels and manifolds for a wide use are fabricated in our workshops. Demanding specifications are met, different materials are possible and we supply of course products that are tested, approved and ready for installation.


Instalation service

CIG Piping Technology also offers installation works for pipng system. We supply materials and install on board until the final commissioning of the systems. Trained personnel for special materials are available e.g. GRE pipe materials and strong partners are available on a project base to deliver a competitive service.

Be inspired by our piping systems & components

More information about our piping systems & components? CIG Piping Technology will be pleased to tell you about the options for your shipbuilding or industrial project. Be inspired by our projects or contact us at  or +49 (0) 421 6200 62 0.