Complex curved forms give buildings and bridges a unique allure. These structures of steel or other metals also make them extremely strong when a self-bearing and monocoque construction is applied. CIG Architecture is the world leader in 3D forming of all types of metal plates and profiles and offers integrated solutions to international architects and engineering companies.

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Complex metal shaping in architecture

Our company offers solutions to architects and engineering and construction companies by using engineering and production techniques drawn directly from the shipbuilding industry. Complex curved shapes are very common in shipbuilding. This production method allows us to create virtually any shape, which can be used for innovative architecture projects such as those for buildings and bridges.

Dedication and high quality

Complete dedication to architecture projects and our solution-driven philosophy have played a key role in our success story. We work with state-of-the-art 3D design-software and machinery and deliver high quality in conformity with ISO 9001:2008.

Being one of the few companies in the world producing 3D (or double curved) metal constructions for the architecture industry, we have been privileged to work together with architects and engineering companies all over the world.

Be inspired by our architecture projects

More information about 3D curved complex constructions and shapes? CIG is pleased to tell you about the options for your architecture project. Be inspired by our projects and contact CIG Architecture at or +31 (0)50 575 39 95.