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CIG Piping Technology is an industrial manufacturer of piping products for the Shipbuilding industry Offshore Oil & Gas industry and civil engineering. SP aims to improve the productivity of its customers by the delivery of a wide range of complete pipe systems just-in-time and ready for installation. Materials continuously under processing are carbon steel, stainless steel, Duplex, Copper, Copper-Nickel, Aluminum and GRE.

Strategic supplier

CIG Piping Technology is organized to supply according to agreements and specifications just-in-time week by week. The structured organization from the design through purchase from qualified strategic suppliers for materials and services around the product secures quality, delivery time and a competitive price. Processes are approved by the German Lloyd and TÜV and we CIG Piping Technology is qualified to supply to the German Navy. A wide variety of surface treatments is possible and long term partnerships with regional specialized partners enables us to offer full service and flexibility.

Piping Systems and spool, Manifolds, Modules, Pressure Vessels

Beside the mass production of pipe spools according to drawings of our customers CIG Piping Technology offers different high quality products with a strong relation to the piping business. Tailor made Manifolds, Functional skid mounted Modules and Pressure Vessels are made according to demanding standards and specifications. They are used in all kind of industries

GRE - Pipespools
GRE - Pipespools
Pressure Vessel
Pressure Vessel

Approvals and Qualifications

  • CIG Piping Technology working according to following rules and regulations:
  • ISO 9001:2008 – Production of pipespoools ready for installation and pressure vessels
  • EN ISO 3484-2 – Welding of piping products
  • Germanischer Lloyd – Welding of pipes, piping class I to III
  • DIN 2303 - Q2 BK1 – Welding of military products
  • PED 97/23/EG - AD 2000 HP0/R100 – Production of pressure Vessels and pipespools ready for
  • Approval for marking of pipe materials (TÜV Nord)
  • All relevant processes are determined and followed and documented so that a traceability and quality is secured


General Policy
SP is aiming to be a preferred business partner in the market because of its professional approach, efficiency and flexibility in all our assignments and tasks.

Quality Policy
Quality is the bases for our success and a wealthy future of the company. SP implemented a quality system in accordance to ISO 9001 in order to manage the complete manufacturing process. Finally this is to ensure that our products comply with the given requirements.
In the case of mistakes in our processes they are monitored and managed in a controlled manner.

HSE Policy
SP regards health of our staff, safety at work and the protection of the environment as essentials and takes active measures to ensure “best practice”.
SP follows national, regional and local laws and regulations concerning health, safety and the protection of the environment. An effective management system to monitor and control all HSE matters is implemented. Internal regulations are in force and regularly activities are organized to maintain and improve the level of health and safety.

SP feels responsible for the environment and takes actions that the business processes does not harm the environment.

All employees of SP are informed about the Q & HSE strategy and objectives of the company and are responsible to act accordingly. Managers have the particular responsibility to facilitate and follow-up the Q & HSE policy and appear visible and creditable in the commitment to Q & HSE.

A CIG company: the power of synergy

CIG Piping Technology is a company of Central Industry Group (CIG) a reputable group of companies providing industrial goods and services to the international shipbuilding market and complex architectural projects. Tailored to the clients’ requirements, CIG’s high-quality products are renowned for their added value. CIG companies complement each other to ensure your needs are met. These synergies form part of a dedicated customer and service orientated approach.


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Pipe spool fabrication

Pipe spool fabrication