CIG Architecture - Complex aluminium and steel structures

As a leading company in free form metal structures with 40' years experience in shipbuilding, CIG Architecture understands how complex architecture and art projects can be. That is why we are not only good at engineering, cutting and forming metal and assembling sections, but also at coordinating construction on-site. CIG Architecture supplies aluminium and metal structures for complex architectural projects, infrastructure projects and art sculptures. Download our brochure for an overview of our projects.

Architecture, art and facades

We support our customers as much as possible throughout the entire process from design to completion. Our keen eye for quality management and the deployment of experienced project managers enables us to guarantee short lead times. CIG Architecture works together with various international architects and artists in complex architecture projects, art projects and the development of facades.

A CIG company: the power of synergy

CIG Architecture is a company of Central Industry Group (CIG), a reputable group of companies providing industrial goods and services to the international shipbuilding market and complex architectural projects. Tailored to the clients’ requirements, CIG’s high-quality products are renowned for their added value. CIG companies complement each other to ensure your needs are met. These synergies form part of a dedicated customer and service orientated approach.


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