Mechanical Engineering

Central Industry Group's mechanical engineers design the diagrams for a ship's technical systems, provide the accompanying calculations and make detailed drawings. The team is specialized in the 3D coordination of technical systems, including those of co-designers. In partnership with our other engineers these systems are reproduced in 3D at an early stage of the design process.

Reserve space in your ship efficiently

Once the initial design of the ship based on your requirements has been approved by the classification societies, we integrate the main propulsion system, the main piping systems and other major parts of the outfitting in the 3D model. A big advantage of operating 3D coordination at such an early stage is that the necessary space is identified straight away. The available space is reserved as efficiently as possible and potential conflicts can be solved with immediate effect. The risk of having to make major changes at a later stage is thus reduced to a minimum.

Easy for you to give feedback

CIG believes in partnership: space is provided for feedback throughout the entire design process. We present our designs with the aid of a 3D e-browser image, which means that no specific technical knowledge is needed to provide feedback. Our mechanical engineers then go on to elaborate the technical design in more and more detail. They can also help you with specific technical sub-projects, such as comparing various ballast water and emission reduction systems.

Be inspired by our mechanical engineering

More information about design & engineering? CIG will be pleased to tell you about the options for your shipbuilding project. Be inspired by our projects or contact us at or +31 50 575 39 50.