Before having a ship built you will of course weigh up the costs against the ultimate benefits. This involves a complex analysis, but is vital to predicting the success of a shipbuilding project. We have a very clear view of the overall development process, the life cycle of the vessel and the usage costs. That is why we offer to perform an objective feasibility study before you proceed with the development.

Total cost of ownership

When determining the feasibility of your shipbuilding project we consciously take the vessel's overall life cycle into account. We look beyond the sea trials and the guarantee period and ascertain the total cost of ownership. We do of course include the anticipated future developments in this. This approach makes it possible for us to clearly and precisely establish whether the vessel's benefits are optimally in proportion to the overall costs.

Specialized in complex calculations

With 40 years' experience in shipbuilding our specialists are perfectly at home in the market and are able to gain a clear impression of the costs and risks involved in building and operating a ship. CIG has all the knowledge and experience it needs to perform a detailed, accurate feasibility study and risk analysis for a proposed design.

Be inspired by our feasibility studies

More information about feasibility? CIG will be pleased to tell you about the options for your shipbuilding project. Be inspired by our projects or contact us at  or +31 50 575 39 50.