Design & Support

CIG Maritime Technology provides the ideal solution for the development of new vessels, transport concepts, new equipment or conversions. Our team has the necessary knowledge, experience and tools to provide a practical answer to the most wide-ranging questions about shipbuilding and ship management. The design team remains involved throughout the entire process, from concept to end-product, in order to ensure the best possible end result.

Specialist in every aspect of naval design

CIG's engineers are experienced in every aspect of naval architecture. That means that during the design process we are able to take account of every aspect of ship design, including resistance, propulsion, ship motions, regulations, (damage) stability, freeboard calculation and weight calculations. We have the advanced tools needed for the most complex calculations, such as a 3D CAD (NUPAS) model. That enhances our ability to test and evaluate the ship's internal dimensions. From a complete preliminary design to specific, specialist issues: our clients can count on an optimum solution.

Phased customer approach

CIG operates a unique, phased customer approach throughout the design of your solution. You are actively involved in each stage of the process. The entire process is based on a clear structure in which sufficient space for your feedback is provided. The result is an extremely high quality result that completely meets your specific requirements.

Be inspired by our design & support

More information about design and support? CIG will be pleased to tell you about the options for all aspects of ship design, ship building or ship management. Be inspired by our projects or contact us at  or +31 50 575 39 50.