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Ship’s Equipment Centre Groningen (SEC Groningen) is a global supplier of a wide variety of deck equipment. Close cooperation with leading shipyards, ship owners and navies have resulted in a package of products that complies with the latest maritime industry requirements. For a complete overview download our brochure.

The best winches

TEN HORN winches are a prime example of how we combine easy installation, cost savings and user-friendliness. We also produce winches in Shanghai. SEC Groningen provides anchor winches for chain diameters up to 102mm and mooring winches with pulling forces up to 60 tonnes.

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Offshore partners

The design and construction of a range of towing winches and anchor handling winches make SEC Groningen a reliable partner in the offshore sector. Many TEN HORN winches are supplied in combined electric hydraulic versions with a hydraulic power pack integrated in the winch gearbox, offering low installation costs and accurate operation. Standard hydraulic driven winches and electric driven winches are also available.

POOL® anchors

A leading brand in High Holding Power and Super High Holding Power anchors, POOL® anchors are supplied from 8 kg to 20 tonnes for commercial vessels and superyachts. Complete anchor pockets are designed to ensure an optimal fit.

Mooring equipment

SEC Groningen also supplies a variety of bollards, chocks, fairleads and warping rollers, all in conformity with ISO and DIN standards. As many items as possible are supplied directly from stock, we are also a valued partner for ship repair yards. Advice on mooring arrangements during the design stage of the vessel adds further value.

A CIG company: the power of synergy

Ship’s Equipment Centre Groningen is a company of CIG, a reputable group of companies providing industrial goods and services to the international shipbuilding market and complex architectural projects. Tailored to the clients’ requirements, CIG’s high-quality products are renowned for their added value. CIG companies complement each other to ensure your needs are met. These synergies form part of a dedicated customer and service orientated approach.


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