SEC Bremen - First port of call for container lashing equipment

Ship’s Equipment Centre Bremen (SEC Bremen) is the world’s leading manufacturer of container lashing equipment. Superior in-house design, first-class engineering and a deep understanding of manufacturing processes make SEC Bremen the preferred partner of leaders in the global marine industry.

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Dedicated service

An enthusiastic team of experts operates out of the main office in Bremen, the SEC factory in Shanghai and our branch office in downtown Shanghai. Essential support and an all-round service is provided by an international network of agencies and logistics partners. SEC Bremen products are kept at all main international shipping centres and all equipment meets IMO regulations and the latest classification rules.

Relying on expertise, leading in integration

From an integrated FEM calculation of entire lashing bridge designs for 18000 TEU giants to the design of ultra-complex cargo securing systems using the latest 3D CAD systems, SEC Bremen has all the necessary expertise. The complex interaction of primary components such as hatch covers, lashing bridges, deck supports and cargo requires an integrated approach on an unprecedented scale. SEC Bremen’s leadership in this field is an example of technical expertise and explains our reputation as the ideal system integrator.

A CIG company: the power of synergy

Ship’s Equipment Centre Bremen is a company of Central Industry Group (CIG), a reputable group of companies providing industrial goods and services to the international shipbuilding market and complex architectural projects. Tailored to the clients’ requirements, CIG’s high-quality products are renowned for their added value. CIG companies complement each other to ensure your needs are met. These synergies form part of a dedicated customer and service orientated approach.


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