CIG Shipbuilding – Complete vessels and ship sections

Headquartered in the Netherlands, CIG Shipbuilding offers a comprehensive range of products and services based on CIG's building kits. Our services range from the production of basic ship sections and blocks to the delivery of outfitted hulls and turn-key projects.

Facilitating clients

As a key facilitator for shipbuilding services we support our customers during the entire process, our keen eye for quality management and the deployment of experienced project managers enables us to guarantee short lead times. In addition, the entire production process is subject to thorough quality management in which each step is analyzed and documented.

Solution oriented

Other options include basic engineering, material logistics, financing, prefabrication, hull construction, painting, the prefabrication and installation of ship’s piping systems and outfitting parts. CIG Shipbuilding offers you an extensive package of extra options.

A CIG company: the power of synergy

CIG Shipbuilding is a company of CIG, a reputable group of companies providing industrial goods and services to the international shipbuilding market and complex architectural projects. Tailored to customer requirements, CIG’s high-quality products are renowned for their added value. CIG companies complement each other to ensure that your needs are met. This synergy forms part of a dedicated customer and service orientated approach.


Contact CIG Shipbuilding

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The Netherlands

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9700 AT Groningen

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 50 5753 760

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