About Central Industry Group

CIG is an industrial conglomerate engaged in shipbuilding, constructional design and production for complex architectural projects and the renewable energy industry worldwide. For a complete overview of all companies and services download CIG's corporate brochure. Let’s shape the future together!

Competitive high quality

Our products are renowned for their added value. We have in-house expertise for engineering and manufacturing innovative and customized vessels, structures and equipment which enables us to make products tailored to your requirements. Everything built by CIG meets an uncompromising standard regarding comfort, technology, safety and quality at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Our multiple knowledge and skills, together with a passion for shipbuilding and innovative structures, gives you the competitive edge that you are looking for.

Customer approach

We are valued for our dedicated customer and service orientated approach: passionate, empathetic and always at your disposal. Together we design and manufacture a product that accurately meets your requirements. The way we structure our organization and projects ensures that you are always involved, without having to carry the weight of the work.

Serving the world

CIG was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in the northern Dutch city of Groningen. Our companies are located in the Netherlands (Groningen), Germany (Bremen and Stralsund) and China (Shanghai). We also have joint ventures in Shanghai and St. Petersburg.